Style Points: Household Emergencies

The very idea of home should make you think of safety and security. But it occurred to me while watching Spike Lee's new documentary WHEN THE LEVEES BROKE: A REQUIEM IN FOUR ACTS that at some point we may all be faced with having to leave our homes without much warning. That thought doesn't leave me feeling secure or safe.

So what are we to do? No matter where we live, we are vulnerable to something, so we should take time to prepare an action or response plan. The HOPE Coalition of America offers a comprehensive guide to help outline your basic financial, medical, and contact information in a disaster situation.

Not only should we plan for the major events like hurricanes, but we should have an organized and accessible area of our home that allows us to respond appropriately to life's everyday emergencies. This is part of good design too - allowing our homes to function for all facets of our lives.

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