There is a funny thing that happens when you write a blog...

There is a funny thing that happens when you write a blog... In the beginning it offers a challenge to write on a self-imposed schedule. Through a process of editing, exploring and programming widgets you watch the blog grow - as measured by the number of posts you accumulate and by the number of people that drop in to visit and leave those precious comments. In the beginning you write for others. There is an element of guesswork involved. Always wondering about what new and interesting thing the visitor wants to read.

Blogging has also been known to inspire a wide range of emotions... joy, ecstasy, intrigue, doubt, pride, humor, frustration, and even guilt (for not blogging on the previously mentioned self-imposed schedule). And sometimes, the initial excitement wains. Not because you don't love to blog - but because life happens outside of the blog.

There is a funny thing that happens when you write a blog... In the end what you write inspires you and reminds you of what you have already done... and what you have left to do. And in the end you realize that you really write a blog for yourself - and that the format allows others to take a peek at what's on your mind.

If you're reading this, you've made it to 2009...

If you'd asked me what the difference between this year and last was - I'd have to say it was the absence of political primary banter on television. You see, last year my resolution should have been to watch Michael Phelps and the presidential primaries because that is what I was doing instead of being more creative (which was my real resolution) and though obviously very interesting, I did not find much creative inspiration on CNN. The Olympics were inspiring - but unfortunately not for my creativity.

Now with all the global economy changes I've decided turn off the bad news and get out more. Outside in my garden, out of Raleigh, and out of the country. For me this is a huge change from being glued to the television for hours.

I'll be posting more mobile blogs and tweets and hopefully a picture or note in the photo journal may somehow help you find your own muse and inspire you to get out and see more.

I'd love to see places you recommend, so if you have any ideas 0r would like to meet us out on the road - please send me your ideas.



Making Dorm Rooms a Little Greener

Last year I posted some information about how to make a drab dorm room into something better. Today there is an article in the Washington Post about how dorm room decor is becoming big business - and incidentally, becoming more green.

They do note that decorating many dorm rooms each year is more about consumption than it is about recycling, reusing or reducing - but if we all do a little better in our shopping decisions - we can help the planet in the long run. So let's see how we can shop greener for your new dorm room...

- Linens -

A new move to a dorm room requires new bedding? Not quite. If you happen to have an extra-long twin at home, consider taking your linens from home. Second best idea is to buy revived vintage linens and hand-made pillows. There are more than a few places on Etsy for you to shop for bedding and pillows. And one of the best reasons to shop Etsy is that you know your dorm room will never look like any other room. Pillows and sheets can also be sent to your child mid-year :: just around the time when they should be getting some extra rest in anticipation of mid-terms. There's a nice subtle hint. Anyway - check out:
Use it Again
Cat Nap Cottage

If your bed has a plain metal or wood headboard, make it cozier by covering it with a simple fabric slipcover.

- Small spaces + active young adults = the need for clean fragrance. But not any fragrance - try soy candles which are clean burning and low soot. Or if burning things in the room is restricted, turn to natural spray air fresheners.

Check here:
Wendy Lous Natural Bath
Let Your Light Shine
Angel Bella Body

Now then onto lighting. Forgo the cheaply made and boring desk lamp from Walmart and opt for something more fun and funky. Buying smart now means at the end of our undergrad program, we won't want to trash these beautiful light sources - but cherish them forever. Some of my favorites are:

Nightlights at Gamiworks
or Beetnik
and Yours Truly.

Now finally the walls. Most freshman dorms I've seen are small and well... ugly. I mentioned several ideas last year for covering the walls. But I'm always inspired to find new wall adornments. Here are a few:

Magnetic Chalk Boards
Memo Board
Skinny Magnet Board

And here are yet a few more things to inspire you as you deck out your new dorm.

Sew Your Own Dorm Stuff

Keeping Chests for extra storage.
Bedroom Design Kit for laying out your dorm room before you get there!




Soy Candles Sources from Etsy include:

My personal favorite Soy Candles because it looks like it's in a recycled tin can! :-) 

Thanks to Ashley Sue for reminding me to add these!

Yummy Color

Okay you already know how much I love organic milk paint. We have been using the milk paint finishes on a variety of our furniture for a while now - but mostly with a historic palette. So I am thrilled that Anna Sova's line will be re-launching soon. Her color palette is so extensive it's definitely sparking some imagination. It is, in a word,

I just now pulled a few colors from the Anna Sova website for an adorable footstool in a room, complete with cute floral fabric and girliscious trim. Yummy and Beautiful.



Knee Deep in Fabric

I have been debating for weeks over which fabrics to list in our shop. I have joked in the past that I will have to buy about three homes just to use all the different design styles and fabrics that I am drawn to. I love everything from bright graphic patterns to elegant damask. So it's really difficult for me to edit. But after some consideration, I've listed a few fabrics I hope you will really like. 

I am still holding a few of the fabrics in my studio for some personal projects - (mostly contemporary graphic patterns) And still just trying to figure out if I'm making pillows, draperies or painting and covering my vintage dining chairs.

But that's another story for a another time...

What is your favorite fabric category? Prints, stripes, damask, scrolls, modern, brights, whimsical? Do you prefer bright colors or neutrals? 

This video contains a quick view of some of the new fabrics I finally chose - but the quality of the photos at the Etsy store are much better...