Falling in love with unfinished furniture!

Hi all -

In my last post I talked about DIY projects and it got me thinking about starting a new furniture painting project this weekend. I've been admiring a painted armoire, but I don't have the time to tackle something that large right now. Plus I'm too much of an instant gratification person!

So I was making plans to scour the unfinished furniture market locally because I haven't really done that well with flea market sales in Raleigh. But I found a fantastic deal for a beautiful Bombe Chest of drawers that would make the perfect addition to my bedroom once painted. (See my website for all my product links!) This chest is gorgeous, and for the price, with free shipping my husband can't complain.

Now, I'll just have to pick the best colors and come up with a creative pattern to paint!

As Rachel Ray would say - YUM - OH!

Creatively yours,



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