Style Points - 4 Reasons to Live with Empty Rooms

Moving up to a larger home can often leave you with an empty room or two. Living with an empty space can be so unsettling for some. But I am an advocate for feeling the fear and doing it anyway!

Here are four good reasons for living with empty rooms for a while...

  • Bravery!!! Living with empty rooms makes you that much tougher. Please disregard what others might think of your empty room! Ignore your guest's strange stares. Push on past awkward silences and by all means don't offer up any excuses. Just be.... still... and be comfortable with your decisions.
  • Empty rooms inspire creative thoughts and new ideas. I was able to put a sofa and bookshelves in a client's dining room because it made for a great reading room when formal dinners were not served - and it just made good sense. When parties were scheduled, the dining room was cozy and inviting. More guests remained in the dining room than in the kitchen! But the most unused room in the house was now a great getaway.
  • If the room remains empty long enough - it might inspire a thought or two about your true functional requirements. Resist the urge to make the empty room a catchall room for old furniture. PURGE. You'll be delighted that you waited to collect what you love instead of just filling the room up in order to say "it's done."
  • Allow yourself to be BOLD! Linger a while at the paint store. Select three bold colors you love, and three more subdued colors. Paint an art canvas with the colors you love best and hang them in the room. Observe how the colors change throughout the day. Decide to use one or more in the room only after you've lived with it for a while. Make furniture selections afterwards.

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Sann said...

Actually, you are right. We have been living with an empty dining room since we moved in 5 years ago. I did choose a paint color in gold tones that I love and had it painted about 2 years ago. Also, it really made me realize that although I do want a dining room, I am going for a more casual laid back look as oppose to the formal rooms that I see in many of my friend's homes. We are just not formal when entertaining and I want to have that casual comfy feeling in the dinning room as in the rest of the house. We finally ordered a round table and 6 chairs, and a buffet last week!
I think that my room will end up very eclectic.