What? Let me guess - you're not the creative type right?

Yes. I've heard this before. As you may know, I used to run an arts education center and I found that people were really hesitant about proclaiming artist status. Most people would immediately decide that the art they were looking at was way beyond their capabilities. This is a big misnomer, built, I believe, on fear. Granted - you may not be able to draw a portrait with the precision of a master artist on your first try, but the creativity gene is in everyone's DNA!!
Here are a few clues about how to open up and create art:

  • Cut yourself some slack and then let loose.
  • Give yourself permission to experiment with crayons, markers, stamps, scissors and paper. Yes, just like in kindergarten!
  • Doodle squiggly lines. Color them in and hang them up on your fridge.
  • Move from a sketch pad to a big canvas. (This was very scary for me too!)
  • Don't be afraid to paint a big swatch of color across the canvas. - Really GO for it!
  • For added support, paint with your spouse and hang the finished product over the mantle. (See the Creativity for Couples link) I can't tell you how many people have received a boost to their ego after seeing their own art hanging on the wall. It's truly liberating.

So first - be creative. Then relax and take it all in.

Creatively yours,

The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun

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