Design Themes & How to break away from them..

I've noticed this theme across all interior design publications. But this theme is not blatantly communicated. In any given month I can pick up 5 magazines that are all touting the next new product; the next design trend you should follow. And there are similar topics to be sure...

  • color
  • comfort
  • earth friendliness
  • accessibility
  • openness
  • country vs. Urban
  • chicness
  • elegance
  • modernity
  • nostalgia
  • freshness

You name it really, there is a trend out there that will fit your viewpoint. And so we effectively skirt around the issue of individualism in design. We rely not on our own history to tell us how to live more comfortably and how to design our spaces, but on the latest design trend or sales circular.

So here's my plea to the journalists out there... We need more information on individualistic lifestyle designs. More examples of how to find courage and break away from the norm to live the way we truly desire, according to our values and our intuitive insights. We want more ideas on how to move away from trendiness towards feelings...

We want to decide how to move in our spaces

and dance

and interact

and feel comfortable

and entertain

and rest

...because really - we should think about how we want to live and exercise our options. Experiment, be inspired, choose and change.

I trust that we have our own answers in the design process. Although professional designers facilitate the birth of your ideas - you are still the artist.

Be inspired!



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