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I was asked recently by a good friend to define the one item I can't pass up in the furniture store. My answer - a good chair (especially if it's on sale!). Why? Because the various chairs & small ottomans in my home find great uses in various rooms. When shopping, I look for a chair with interesting lines - like this sketch of a chair I found on a random shopping trip. The lines on this chair definitely stand independently from the rest of my dining chairs. Right now I'm using it in the bedroom.

My good friend Karis is always hunting out furniture at yard sales, no doubt you can find very good one of a kind chairs that have curved figure-eight type details on the back or cute curved legs. Chairs like these will give you many moments of sheer pleasure, especially when you've run out of chairs when the game is on in the family room and one more guest arrives!

A few years back, kids from the local high school painted some cast off chairs in very funky patterns for an auction. They each went for about $100 - but imagine the detail and playfulness you're getting, while supporting a great cause. If students in your area haven't offered these up, you can paint your own chairs. This is a great weekend project for you to tackle and art chairs are the epitome of fabulousness!

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