Garden Style

Before the cold weather sets in, you'll notice new plants showing up in front of your farmer's market or food store which signals that it's time to plant your Fall flowers and bulbs and make something creative!

Two of my Fall favorites are mums and marigolds. Both of these plants prefer full sun, rich soil and good drainage.

Mums come in a variety of different colors including yellow, white, purple, orange, and pink. For the best design, I find that they make a bold statement when grouped together as a border plant or in combination with existing shrubs.

Marigolds are wonderful when planted in mass and give a wonderful pop of color to your garden beds.

Here is a quick list of last minute gardening tasks before Winter:

  • Plan your Spring bulb garden. It's usually safe to plant hardy bulbs in late October or early November after the soil has cooled. Hardy bulbs flower in the Spring and include tulips, irises, daffodils and hyacinths.
  • Plant shrubs and trees now. Be sure to water and mulch well.
  • Divide any of the perennials that seem to have leveled out on their growth or flowering habits. Though not all varieties should be divided in the fall; it's safe to divide your hostas, daylilies, iris and geraniums.
  • Rake those leaves and fill your compost pile. Compost from fall leaves doesn't attract as many pests as compost piles filled with kitchen scraps. A good tip for those who don't like furry surprises :-)
  • Be sure to celebrate with an end of season outdoor gathering. Plan a project for everyone to take part in. Maybe it's a sculpture for your backyard, or stepping stones to keep your feet out of the mud. Whatever the project, make it fun and memorable.
  • Light up the chiminea, relax and take in the beautiful color of the Fall season.



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