Style Points: Your Creative Resolutions

At the end of each year, we take stock of what we’ve accomplished and the goals we want to set for the coming year. And because of what I like to do, it is inevitable that each year many of my friends and clients talk to me about their resolutions to be more creative. Together we discuss art and home projects, garden designs, new paint colors and elaborate party plans. Yet by mid February, many have fallen back to their old routines and are left wondering where their creative intentions have gone. None of the projects that seemed so inspiring at one time are in process, and worse it seems that they are all but forgotten.

In contrast, each year my creative projects have grown in magnitude and importance in my life. I have written, created and taught new workshops, expanded my creative business, blogged, explored new art materials and finished more new projects than ever before. Projects I once never thought I could tackle. And next year I’m lending even greater importance to my creative projects.

So this year, when my friends ask how to make their resolutions stick, I’ll talk to them about becoming their own creativity coach. With clear intention, you really can manifest creativity in your life in tremendous ways. Here are four simple steps to make it happen:

  1. Explore your ideas. I like to do a mind-map for all my creative projects. Take a huge piece of paper out and assorted colored pencils or markers. Write down each creative project you want to do. Don’t edit yourself before you start. Just write until you can’t write any longer. Once you’ve finished, sort the list by what excites you the most.
  2. Schedule the projects and add reminders. In a special calendar, assign a date for each project. These first two steps (exploring and scheduling) are very important. We all know that words have power to change our circumstances. Writing your creative goals in a place that you refer to often will keep you motivated to achieve them. Don’t stop at assigning a date for the project; determine when you will buy materials, prep your work areas, or explore an art opening for new inspiration. Doodle all reminders on your calendar in bright colors so that you won’t miss them.
  3. Take action. Follow through on what you’ve scheduled. If you really can’t meet your objectives, then reschedule. Don’t just delete it or ignore your projects. Ignoring your projects leads to a negative pattern. And by all means, celebrate your victories. It is important to congratulate yourself when you’ve taken action.
  4. Chronicle your achievements. Once you’ve finished your project, take pictures, blog, journal or otherwise document your success. This journal will inspire you as you dream up new creative resolutions in years to come.

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