Dr. King's House

With all of today's celebrations for Martin Luther King, I started to think about what his home would look like if he was still alive today.

I imagined that he would still live in Atlanta; the city where he was born. I pictured a brick home on a hill, with a clean manicured lawn. The neighborhood would be accessible - not gated. I don't picture him wanting to separate himself from other people.

At Easter I can just see him sitting on his front porch, alongside Coretta. They overlook the rainbow of children present at the annual Easter Sunday egg hunt. Together they watch a sea of young children dressed in their Sunday best, searching for brightly-colored Easter eggs near the magnolias and redbud trees. As two children begin to argue over the coveted candy within the last egg, Dr. King rises slowly from his seat and approaches the children. He offers a few words and immediately brings peace to the situation. Amicably dividing the prize; something he has been working on all his 78 years - equality for everyone.

Inside the large front door you'll find a library filled with books he's both read and written. Books that chronicle the history of our world. His published sermons are on the shelf and notes for next Sunday are carefully stored inside his desk drawer. Atop his desk are many photos - from family to foreign statesmen. This room is where he receives his guests - some expected, and some that were just in the neighborhood. At first you are struck by the room's tall and stately bookshelves, but looking at the unpretentious well-worn leather sofa, you find the room equally accessible. This is a man that cares deeply for people, and he's spent many afternoons discussing various matters with people he loves and respects.

Of course all that talk would make him hungry. And through a center hallway we find a dining room that holds a large table - enough to seat 20 or more. At any given time this room could be filled with politicians, famous talk show hosts ,or young children in party hats. On a rainy day you might find the table being used to create an elaborate drawing of the garden just outside the window. This room holds a lot of memories, and a lot of love.

And late at night, you might find Dr. King in the kitchen, sneaking a peek in the fridge for some of Coretta's left over dessert. Keeping the lights low, he might make his way over to the keeping room (his favorite one in the house). Sitting in his favorite chair near the fireplace to eat his peach cobbler, he puts his feet up on the hassock and reflects on the day's events.

On this day and always, I hope every conversation in every home will touch on this man, his dream, and a legacy of a life well lived.

Be well,



Lauren said...

Awesome post. You have crafted a dream within a dream. What a gifted writer you are!

Lise Richards said...

Thank you Lauren! Your comments mean a lot to me!