Style Points: Garden Planning


Whew. This is the longest hiatus I've taken since starting this blog! With everything settled after my recent move I'm able to get back to my routine. So....

This week my focus is on garden design. While the weather is so variable, it's the best time for me to collect garden and seed catalogs, take stock of what worked with last year's projects, and plan the details for the next gardening season.

So my new plans are for a city garden with limited space and access. Quite different from rambling play spaces in a rural setting. I've started with the basic requirements for the outdoor space:

  1. Making it connect to the indoors; the transition space being the patio and 3-season sun porch;
  2. Room for entertainment;
  3. Room to grow a small heirloom and children's veggie garden;
  4. Xerascaping (drought tolerant plantings and low impact garden strategies)
  5. Creativity/Fun for kids with a sense of surprise and adventure;
  6. Oh and did I mention low maintenance with lots of perennials?

I've included a few resources for heirloom and seed exchange websites as well as children's gardening resources I am currently exploring.


Seed Exchange

Seed Savers

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange


Sharon Lovejoy, author - Sharon's website contains an extensive list of children's gardens - lots of inspiration. She is a wonderful author.



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