Sensualist Design

Everyone uses their five senses to hear, touch, taste, smell and see. However, if one finds that they are keenly aware of tactile surfaces, harmonious colors, delightful scents, and remarkable flavors they are probably a Sensualist.

For a Sensualist, all surroundings are extremely important. To feel truly comfortable in a space they will likely insist on soft fabrics, correct lighting, scented candles, beautiful art, and some use of color. The absence of any one of these elements will leave them feeling like a piece of the design puzzle is missing – even if they are not able to put this feeling into words.

Here are some more clues to help you determine if you may be a Sensualist:
- Shopping for your home is high on your priority list;
- You find it frustrating to shop online for certain products, especially products you will use, touch and see daily, if you can't actually see, touch or smell them;
- When shopping for sheets, you find yourself opening the package to see how the material feels to you;- You have strong reactions to color and have probably spent some time figuring out which colors appeal to you;
- If a space is messy or otherwise unappealing you would prefer to change it or leave;
- Your landscape is just as important as the inside of your home and you spend time inside and outside your home;
- You can fondly recall all aspects of a spectacular meal - from the taste and texture of the food to the wine and ambience in the room;
- You feel that your home is a manifestation of your thoughts, feelings and creative ideas.

If two or more of these categories describes you, you will likely benefit from a sensualist approach to design.

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