Artful Abundance

I read today that there is a very small percentage of people who actually make a plan for their future; and an even smaller number who write their goals down so that they may actively pursue them.

As I sit here typing I can think of the first time I was introduced to list making and goal setting many years ago when I began my corporate career. I liked making lists as a child so I could remember what it was I planned to get done. Lists made life simple. But over the years I moved from making simple lists for daily activities to elaborate artful creations with detailed mind maps in the margins. The doodles eventually grew to overake the lists and spawned a new goal setting pastime. I love to think in pictures. When I think of something technical or analytical, I sometimes revert to images to help a new concept make sense.

It's no wonder then that my goals are often depicted in my art. In fact, just in front of my computer are two pieces of art I created that capture the goals I had at that time. One had to do with turning over a new leaf, the other with a new house. Each of those goals have since been fulfilled - so it's time to create a new piece of art.

With all the talk lately about "The Secret" and the "Law of Attraction"; I began to realize that goal setting and attracting positive things to you does not have to be held to a simple written (or mental) list. Create YOUR dreams in a piece of art and hang it where you'll be reminded of your next action. Collage art works well for your depicting goals because every piece of paper can be a literal or figurative depiction of your future.

Dream Big & Create Art!


p.s. And next week, a recent piece about a new car is coming to fruition too - exactly as depicted in my journal. Gotta love this process!

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