Trees of Abundance

This weekend, the temperature was in the 90's, but I was able to do a good bit of gardening in the early morning, and again during the evening. Of course, the kids wanted to help (little ones, not the older ones); which means I have some clean up yet to do. And this coming week, we are having the backyard cleared, a meaningful first step to the backyard adventure plans which are falling nicely into place.

Anyway I still need two "street trees", so I just ordered two Red Maples from a website. Because of their mission, I wanted to share this neat resource with you for free trees, shrubs and perennials. I think it's a neat mission because they save plants, trees and shrubs from the landfills, they employ workers with disabilities, and you get free plants for your garden. This is a win-win-win-win situation (the last win is for the environment).
Anyway, visit their website freetreesandplantshome and reserve some trees for your garden.

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