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I don't know about other bloggers, but I love to read comments. Not spammed comments, but comments from real people, like you, who stop in to read what I have to say. Maybe you're here because of some Google search, or maybe because you're an avid reader. But however you have arrived, if you take time to leave a comment, I read them, and I am grateful. I even say THANK YOU, even though you may not hear me :-)

Still I don't always know what the proper etiquette is for saying thanks about leaving comments. Like do I immediately log in and type my own thank you comment on my own blog? Or do I visit your blog or website and see what things we have in common and then leave my thank you/comment on your blog? I have tried both. But I'm not sure which works best.

SOOOOO.... I decided that just in case, I will say thank you now, for all the past comments, and thank you for all the future comments you may decide to leave...



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Danie Ferris said...

Hello Lisa, I have a friend with a new art blog at "Art Now" - also I would like to swap links with you on your blogroll on my blog
"It's Only Art? - Dan