Call to artists, and other creative professionals

The Artistic Lifestyling company is actively looking for creative professionals for feature spots on various media owned by our company. Please read the following general criteria:

- You must be a creative professional - actively creating something. What you are creating is not as important as the positive reaction/response you receive to your work, and that you feel passionate about what you do. Of course, we'll review your work to see if it's a good fit for this project.

- Your work must have a unique creative focus/angle

- You must be willing to actively share your ideas, techniques, information through various Artistic Lifestyling media and events

- You must provide your "creation" (or a related service) for sale through our website. Exclusive products are ideal

- You must already have some sort of platform (website, blog, etsy shop, etc.)

To submit your work, please send an email to:
Please include your bio and link to your online work. No attachments, no slides, no snail mail please.

We have a limited number of opportunities, and the best spots will fill quickly - so please submit once, and submit early. Submissions need to be sent to us no later than Sep 1, 2007.

Thank you!

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