7 Random Things

Thanks to Pilar, I consider myself tagged and will share 7 random things about myself below:

1. I can spot a random bug in the room within about 5 seconds after entry. I consider this a special gift. I try to accept the over abundance of bugs in North Carolina, but I have been known to kill a misplaced bug.

2. I took tap dance lessons last year for about 2 days. All of the women in class were so far ahead, and the teacher probably choreographed Fame back in the day. The teacher had also just given birth, I think her child was about a month old. The pressure got to me I suppose.

3. I used to drive a motorcycle, complete with boots, leather jacket, gloves and helmet. I thought it was cool, but I sold it after I saw a fatal accident involving a motorcycle.

4. I think that there is far too much apathy in the world and I'm not sure why that is...

5. When I was 21 I took a vacation with my mom and grandparents to Alaska, Seattle, and San Francisco. I loved Seattle but could not figure out why in the world my grandparents wanted to go on a cruise to see glaciers. I get it now though.

6. I probably spend too much money on books. I carry frequent shopper cards for nearly every bookstore in the area, and I belong to a book of the month club too.

7. I love positive surprises and I anticipate serendipity.

Oh, and like Pilar said: consider yourself tagged and be sure to list your comment/link below. I'll consider it one of those positive surprises!

Be well,



Pilar said...

I, too, am a bibliophile and spend way too much on books.

Thanks for sharing these tid bits about you! :D

FAPORT International said...

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