Design Innovation

I was reminded today that before this huge resurgence in the craft industry, craft got a bad rap. And some art did too; being deemed "outsider art". But thankfully craft, outsider art, and all sorts of provocative, spicy and juicy ideas have taken up residence in an area that has been fairly slow to innovate --- interior and exterior design.

I am definitely an outsider designer; or even better, an indie designer. I don't like to design uninspired spaces. I like color and personal objects. I like to feel good when I come home and I want other people to feel good when they come inside from work and school too. I want them to dream big and act boldly, and contribute to making the world a better place. And yes, I do think a good space design can encourage all of that.

So I suppose, this is the same approach an outsider artist or creative crafter would take - the approach that says I'm going to make myself happy by creating something that feels good and very personal.

And yet, this whole idea may seem unconventional when compared to a traditional design approach. But I don't mind unconventional at all - the iPOD was considered unconventional when it came out too!

Yep, an unconventional, individual, creative, outsider, design approach - the idea that your home is a manifestation of your thoughts, feelings and creative ideas.

- wild -n- radical ideas, and why I am really fond of the title of indie designer :-)

And even better embracing the indie side means sharing all the techniques and treasures we can find around us. We're living in a world of abundance after all. And technology brings everything to our doors. I love that. So here are a few inspiring resources worth exploring:

  • The Center of Intuitive and Outsider Art - exhibits, inspiration, fun

  • Canvas Corp - makes these wonderful Homespacing kits and all sorts of products for the creative DIYer. They also have a line of paint that I'm anxious to try which is not only environmentally friendly but can paint over nearly everything. No more sanding old furniture! Yay!! (I'm more than a little excited about this, can you tell?)

  • Craft Revolution - neat ways to share your crafty side

  • Edible Estates - awesome ideas for those of us who don't want just a basic lawn

  • Moda Muse - Aussie designers

  • Craft Sanity - Cool DIY projects; including some for the home

  • Be, Dream, Play - Find inspiration. Make art.

  • Green Chair Press - cute stuff to entertain our friends with

All of these websites and blogs get the quirky bird for creativity :-)




Anonymous said...

Your links are great. I've never seen a company like Canvas before. Thank you.

Cheryl Finley: said...

A marvelous message with inspiring links..thank you very much! Oh...I just love the Quirky Bird for Creativity. That bird is so loveable! The life of the party!