Creative ways to market your work

Hi everyone,

I've received quite a few emails about my last post so I wanted to provide you with a few more details :-)

I know we may have been taught that the best way to license and market your work was to build a portfolio of work with your particular "style" and then sign with an agent willing to rep your work at a licensing event or through established connections. Or the really traditional path of building a body of work to sell through galleries.

But happily for creative nonconformists like me - these are not the only paths to success.

As I've mentioned before your skills as a creative individual are in high demand by just about every business sector I can imagine. I tend to focus on home design, creativity and garden design just because it is my passion - but there are other many other markets that are knocking on our doors looking for artists and creative people like you.

What kinds of services do these companies need? Here are a few:

  • writers
  • spokespeople
  • designers
  • product reviewers
  • counselors
  • marketers
  • bloggers
  • illustrators
  • product designers
  • teachers/trainers

And where might your work be seen?

  • TV
  • Internet
  • Radio
  • Monthly columns
  • Print magazines (worldwide)
  • Blogs
  • New products
  • Classrooms
  • Trade shows
  • Office buildings
  • Homes
  • Gardens

The exciting part is that the sky is the limit here. We don't limit you to just providing artwork - there is a lot more to you than that! So, we are inviting you to think outside the box about how you have always marketed yourself. We want to have some fun; use materials in creative ways, brainstorm new ideas, and promote your creativity.

I will be conducting a teleconference soon - so if you're really serious about getting yourself out there in a non-traditional way please send me an email and we'll get you all signed up.

Here's to the good life!


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