This was a really good day...

Thanks to Cheryl Finley for alerting me that some of my art previously submitted for Inspire Me Thurdsay was chosen for the premiere issue of Artful Blogging from Stampington. Yay! I can't wait to receive my copy. I know it will be delightful!

Special thanks to Melanie at IMT for providing all of us with tons of inspiration each week. Kudos!

I was also pleasantly surprised to be awarded the Rockin' Girl Blogger award by Pattie Mosca - Pattie is one brilliant artist and very insightful woman. I'm so honored, thank you Pattie!


Pattie Mosca said...

You are so welcome Lise!! And CONGRATS...I picked up my copy today!! And there you are!! Great to see you in print!!Thanks for your kind and generous words! Wishing you a delightfully creative evening!

Cheryl Finley: said...

So many things to celebrate! Yay!! I'm so happy for you...and for all fo us, with the inspiration you give for living a creative life!

You're just an "Artful, Rockin' Girl Blogger"!

I look forward to seeing the Artful Blogger publication too!

Rock on!

: )