Inside Design - Mood Boards

I am choosing new colors for a dining room project. The room I am designing is located near the front door of the home, and is one of the first areas on view as you enter. I wanted to build a vibrant room; making statements with the colors and graphic patterns. I love the palette so far. It was inspired in part by a simple quote - Bloom where you are planted; and also by the blend of colors in the small seashell.

Beyond color, this design will also incorporate creativity in strong doses. There is a graphic yet subtle wall design plan. Along with a paint-on-canvas project. I'll also add some custom pillows and add colorful trim throughout.

As for function; I want the room to be used year round, not just for special occasions. I've decided to have it work for both dining and reading. I want to use two over sized, dual-purpose, reading and dining chairs near the window. I like the texture of this particular chair. With the high back and clean lines it definitely makes a statement and provides a little shelter from overexposure near windows. I'll cover the cushions with a bold- patterned fabric in a color that will contrast with the other colors I have chosen already.

Shopping for the tabletop will be fun. I am thinking of a really clean white on white modern pattern for the dishes. Square - not circle. And a funky coral centerpiece with candles for a moody and mod atmosphere.

For this project, I will also need to cover a decorative inset on the wainscoting. I'm thinking of covering the panels with fabric too. You can apply fabric to the walls using liquid starch.

The complete design will be available through our Jump Off Design™ program at the end of September. Jump Off Design is a limited edition design service for do-it-yourself types in need of a bit of inspiration. The "design-in-a-box" kit includes specifications for furnishings, paints, and materials. It also includes detailed instructions for completing the special wall & window treatments, pillows, and simple upholstery projects.

This is a limited edition product, and as such, will not be widely distributed. Please contact us for information on pricing and availability - or to request a custom design.



Jan said...

I love this design plan. Love the colors. How much is the Jump Off Design package?

Lise Richards said...

Hi Jan,

thank you! The jump off design kit has not been priced yet; but if you send me your email I will keep you updated on pricing and the launch of this particular package.


Alnita said...

I think that this newsletter gives people permission to be creative. It also shows that creative living happens on an ongoing basis. Knowing that you don't have to create and finish everything at once allows the process to be less intimidating and helps the creativity flow.

Lise Richards said...

Thank you Alnita! I am glad that sentiment comes through. I think of this as a life long pursuit. I find that it keeps me young and energized!

Cheryl Finley: said...

This is wonderful because you are leading us through the process; and I echo what Alnita says about designing our spaces is an ongoing thing...not having to have all the ideas in place on the onset, which can be paralyzing for me sometimes. Thank you for sparking inspiration and getting us moving!

Marcy said...

I just went to your website to check out more of the details of this package and have to say this is a brilliant idea. Would love to feature your design collections through my website too!