Evaluating Fabulous Products

I have spent these past few weeks evaluating products for a couple of new online e-tailing ventures. (more on those later)

Yesterday I received a beautiful package of paint colors. Thank you to Laurel from YOLO Colorhouse for sending me these fabulous family cards. Laurel is great.

It's a wonderful feeling when you absolutely know what you're meant to do with your life. I could literally not help staring at these vivid paint colors and envisioning where I can use these. This package made my day. So much potential. Such a wonderful product. I especially love the Petal and Sprout pages. I think these colors are so beautiful - especially when used in a child's play or work space! (or even used for an adult with a childlike outlook :-)

In all honesty, the YOLO colorhouse company has done an amazing job with the presentation of their products. Their website is awesome, but the colors on these pages are not to be missed. And any walls with these colors have got to be just dazzling. So my next step is to try a can of paint for one of my upcoming projects. Can't wait.

Be creative!


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Laurel A said...

We couldn’t be more excited to receive high praise like this from someone with your artistic background. It is a true testament to our founders on what a beautiful product they created. I recently painted my apartment and it confirmed that our product does indeed perform as a high quality conventional paint, without the added chemicals. My bedroom is now Grain .05, my dining room is Clay .05 and my living room is Leaf .04. My apartment is not that big, and the colors really do flow harmoniously from space to space. Thank you so much Lise for your support of our product and we look forward to hearing about projects where you use YOLO! In color, Laurel