New Goodies @ Artistic Lifestyling

Hi everyone,

I have been so busy with being creative on the business side I've neglected my blogging. The team at Artistic Lifestyling has been busy revamping the entire website to include a more diverse perspective on creative living.

We now have several categories called:

  • Align

  • Grow

  • Create

  • Style

  • Mingle

  • Feast

  • Design &

  • Shop

Since we wanted to have a site you couldn't find anywhere else, and amazing products to boot - we wanted to hand-draw all the icons. We were all set to expand on the house theme that appears on the top of this blog - and then we started to name the categories. At that point the houses didn't make much sense anymore. So - I started some new drawings. (I've added a few of the new icons that made it onto the site on this post.)

So while we're still under construction please take a look around the new site and let me know what you think. Just be careful because all the railings are not in place yet, and a few doorknobs aren't installed - but we're getting there.

Cheers & Happy Valentines Day!!


1 comment:

Melanie said...

Your drawings and themes are perfect pairs. Just adorable! Best of luck with your site!