Mastermind Design Groups

Traditional mastermind groups are designed to catapult you to success by holding each member accountable for their life's goals and objectives. I like this idea a lot.

I also love the idea of creating a Mastermind Design Group to plan and execute your major remodels, redesigns or new builds; to bounce ideas off of one another; and to maximize your buying power. Mastermind Design Groups can last for a just short while or for a lifetime!

It is best if your group happens to contain an interior designer, architect or builder. Ask them to take you on a shopping trip to the design markets. A designer with great sources can introduce you to a world of products and catalogs from which you can place your order as a group, often at very substantial discounts.

If any of you need to rebuild, your design group can approach local service providers and subcontractors who can give your group some of the best deals around. So find your neighbors and friends who need similar jobs and if you can all agree; offer the work to the same subcontractors.

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