The Keeping Collection

Over the past few months we have been diligently working on our new project, called The Keeping Collection. The Keeping Collection is simply our answer to the missing modern day hope chest. Based on the traditional hope chests that our grandmothers used to keep, but with a modern edge. This collection will be launched soon on our website, but I couldn't resist sharing some of the information with you.

The Keeping Chest is offered in three sizes and styles - and it is benchmade. Benchmade is a term that means that it is hand crafted by one person, (right here in the USA) with particular emphasis on traditional furniture making methods. Each chest is constructed for the individual - there are none in stock, as they say. Plus our Keeping Chests are made with eco-friendly materials. No harmful fumes for you, just beautiful wood & hardware, milk paint and non-toxic stains. I love that.

Personally, I feel very fortunate to be connected to this product for several reasons. First, because I want to help people who are requesting both sustainability and quality from their products. I really believe in purchasing furniture that can be passed to the next generation and not end up in a landfill somewhere. Heirlooms - a return to classic, time-honored style.

I'm also so excited to connect you with the person that makes the keeping chests. You know from whence these come, because each chest comes with a special introduction and letter from the artisan, not an inspected by sticker. Hand made by one person especially for your loved one. Not shipped on a slow boat. That in itself is a story.

Another big reason I feel fortunate to be a part of this is because I'm also sensing a need that all people want to collect special things for their future. In a way, I want to turn tradition on its proverbial ear. In the past, hope chests were used to save precious items for young ladies who were preparing for marriage. Today however, all people have a desire to collect meaningful items for their future - whether you are a man or a woman, or plan to marry or not.

Plus I've already heard stories of using Keeping Chests as unique gifts for bridal showers and children collecting memories for parents, instead of the other way around. Our business meetings have included talks of collecting vintage jewels and photographs, journals, recipes, and diaries of family traditions and events in hidden compartments within the Keeping Chest. Oh the things we can collect...

I'm excited by The Keeping Collection. Especially the craftsmanship and the enduring appeal of building a legacy. If you are at all interested in keeping a collection of your own, please email me.




FrenchGardenHouse said...

This is a well designed piece ~ I can see this working in so many different decors, for many different uses. Congratulations!

JohnstonCoArts said...

I'm of a younger generation but I had a Hope Chest by the time I was 19. Its sad that other women aren't doing this and I'm glad that something like this can be made available-Jessica

Artistic Lifestyling said...

Regarding what Lidy said:

That means a lot coming from someone who spends her time around a lot of high quality antique pieces! Please click her name and check out Lidy's blog it is so worth the trip!

Artistic Lifestyling said...

Regarding what Jessica said:

We can't agree more! I really feel that there is a void left by not having something special like this.

The artists in JOCO might be especially interested in the Artisan Series of chests in the Keeping Collection which are designed to be embellished on the outside. So much fun!

mcdc3s said...

I am taken aback by this lovely chest and once again a reminder (and/or blast from the past). I was so connected to my "hope chest" as a teenager. It held so many things, and had so many meanings. Mine was lost in my parents house fire after I was grown and married. I lost a lot of things... but am reminded of "Hope" - and that there is always the opportunity to rebuild - even for the generations to come. Thank you for sharing such a lovely piece! I hope that if there are any of your readers who have not experienced and/or had a hope chest/memory chest... they will investigate this.

I have been away from blogging for too long. My computer is up and running again. I see I will have a lot of catching up to do as far as checking out my list of blogs… and btw: I am going away for a week – leaving Friday. Will I ever catch up?

I still have a post I need to make regarding the Bedroom packet you sent me!

Artistic Lifestyling said...

Re: What Maralena said:

You know this is exactly the reaction we have gotten across the country whenever we've mentioned what we're up to. We are glad that we will be a part of helping people tell stories like these. I have been back and forth to your blog wondering what's up with your brief hiatus. I look forward to seeing what's on your bedroom design sketches.

- Lise