From the Ground Up - Design-a-Door

Have you seen Debbie Travis' new design competition on Fine Living? I really do love Debbie. I've been following her from the time when she was doing fantastic designer paint treatments on walls. She's come a long way since that time. Her company is designing new homes and needs to hire a lead designer. This show reminds me a lot of Hell's Kitchen. A big difference being that Debbie doesn't swear as much - but she's still just as direct as Chef Ramsey.

The first episode is recapped here. I thought it would be fun to follow along and ask you all what you would do with the challenges she presents...

If you missed it, last night she gave everyone a basic door and told them to design it in a way that will express who they are. Some doors turned out to be very predictable and disappointing, others were more creative.

As the challenge wore on, the ultimate challenge winner, Lisa, actually gave up on her original idea and started carving the wood somewhat out of frustration and fear. Her door was more unusual than the rest and she won the competition and the right to choose another designer for possible elimination.

Currently my personal favorite right now is the graphic designer who created a black door with, you guessed it, a graphic design. I appreciated the unique shape of his design and his non-dramatic execution. (I know it's reality tv, but can we get rid of the diva mentality?)
Anyway, I'll be watching him closely to see what he comes up with.

If given the challenge, I would have taken the door, covered it with a rather fluid hand-embossed metal and then painted and distressed it to make it appear ancient. What would that have said about me? Creative, malleable, open to change, loves vintage goods, loves to paint and greatly appreciates art, artisans and architecture.

So what would you design your door to look like, and what would the door say about you?


mcdc3s said...

Oh no you didn't!
I can't believe you have put this thought in my head... and that is scary cool. LOL

I have a RED RED RED front door. I had my son paint it for me a year ago... I don't know if I could be brave enough to do what I would like to do with it.

Maybe I would have to start with a closet door... or the sliding doors in my gallery room.

What a great post. And btw... I love Hells Kitchen! Watch it faithfully... but his tongue is something else!


Love Debbie and Gord!

~ Gabriela ~