Knee Deep in Fabric

I have been debating for weeks over which fabrics to list in our shop. I have joked in the past that I will have to buy about three homes just to use all the different design styles and fabrics that I am drawn to. I love everything from bright graphic patterns to elegant damask. So it's really difficult for me to edit. But after some consideration, I've listed a few fabrics I hope you will really like. 

I am still holding a few of the fabrics in my studio for some personal projects - (mostly contemporary graphic patterns) And still just trying to figure out if I'm making pillows, draperies or painting and covering my vintage dining chairs.

But that's another story for a another time...

What is your favorite fabric category? Prints, stripes, damask, scrolls, modern, brights, whimsical? Do you prefer bright colors or neutrals? 

This video contains a quick view of some of the new fabrics I finally chose - but the quality of the photos at the Etsy store are much better...




Anonymous said...

I have the same problem. I am addicted to an online fabric store called and bought way more than I will ever need.

They always seem to be adding new fabrics and usually have a sale going.

I think you can look if you want to at the following link (sorry if it doesnt work):

Thanks for reading.


mcdc3s said...

oh, how i love these.

elon said...

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