Studio Design - Do you Have Room for Creativity??

Creative play spaces aren't just for kids. Everyone should have a space where they can be wildly creative. A dedicated space that inspires you. Not your kitchen table -but a room or a studio where you don't have to clean up at the end of the day.

If you are toying with the idea of creating your own personal space for art or hobbies or if you have already created such a space - please send me your photos and ideas. I would love to share it with everyone. Here are some of my tips for creating home studios:

- First make it functional, and then make it fun! Plan your workspace to include appropriate storage for the types of projects you work on. My studio has flat file drawers for large papers, along with a walk in closet to store paint and mosaic tiles. Will you need drawer space, cabinets, cubbies, or closet space? Be creative. Storage doesn't have to be expensive. Save baby food jars or old muffin tins to store smaller items and re-purpose old furniture into unique and useful storage pieces.

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- Include a large work surface to spread out - two if possible. Creative people are often found working on multiple projects. Will your studio support more than one endeavor?

- Don't strain your eyes! How many times did your parent's tell you not to read in the dark? Unless you work with photography make sure you have a room filled with light. Windows are ideal, however solar tubes and fluorescent lighting designed to mimic natural daylight are good alternatives if you're without windows or if you prefer to work at night.

- Are you sufficiently wired? With all of the great information on the Internet about almost any hobby, it would be wise to include some form of Internet connectivity in your studio plans. If you have an older home and don't have an Internet outlet, buy a router and go wireless. Printers and digital cameras are near the top of my list for essential studio equipment.

- Keep it comfortable. Imagine those late nights when you are completely engrossed with your work. Now imagine that you're leaving the studio at 2 a.m. after standing or sitting on a hard surface! If your space allows, choose a chair you can lounge in while you cruise the Internet for hobby ideas. If you stand up for long periods of time, include a cushioned pad for the floor. (Cashiers use these at some stores - take a look). However you work, make sure you’re comfortable and that you consider ergonomics as you work.

- Furnish your space with things you love. For your first studio project, look for an old desk or bookshelf and paint it the color you love. Here in your work space, it doesn't matter if it's fuchsia with white polka dots. Nothing in your studio has to match the rest of your house!

- Hang, post, & display things to arouse your creativity. If you can find your muse in old buttons, bright ribbon, museum postcards, beautiful seashells, or a gorgeous tassel - then by all means, include it in your new studio. Hang your treasures on a bulletin board so you can see them. Use chalkboard or magnetic paint directly on the wall to create mores space for inspired words and materials.

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