Ta Daaa.... Creative Kids Rooms!

I recently read an article about kids playrooms. For the creative and somewhat adventurous parent, this topic makes your heart beat fast! The article talked about all the elements you need in your kids playroom to inspire acting, growth, creativity and surprise. Let's look at some ideas for how to include each of those elements in your child's playroom or bedroom...

  1. Acting

    Well the first thing I think of is a stage of some sort and long curtains. You can have a platform built that spans the length of the room. Cover it with an inexpensive carpet in a different color and plop a mattress and box spring on top near a corner. Partially surround the entire platform with a whimsical curtain. Make sure the curtain can withstand the tug of tiny hands. I like the idea of making a curtain with deep pointed fringe at the top. Kind of like what you'd see on a circus big top. Use lots of color and see if you can match certain details on the curtain with those in the bedding. This should inspire kids to be the next Julia Roberts or Dr. McDreamy :-)

  2. Growing

    This an interesting element to include for a child's room. I interpreted this element two ways. First I thought of going the usual route with painting or hanging a growth chart on a wall or door way. Kids love to measure themselves against where they were last week. Keep the chart details whimsical. You can try painting a winding beanstalk, or skinny monster. I think they'd love it. Growth to me also meant keeping the room open to transition. There is no sense investing a great deal of money in teeny toddler-sized chairs when they are soon to be outgrown. Instead, create or purchase transitional pieces like beanbag chairs that look like pumpkins or tomatoes. Big floor pillows are good too. They can easily be covered in new fabrics when the theme in the room changes.

  3. Creativity

    Of course this element is right up my alley. All kids should have a place to be creative - just like mom and dad! In a bedroom I like to include bulletin boards and/or chalkboards on the wall, and if space allows - an easel for drawing. (Paint and water are better left for a room provides for easier clean up.) I also like to include a big chest for costumes created with the help of mom and dad. Big hats and fun shoes can inspire a series of dramatic plays on the stage. (See Number 1 above). I also enjoy hanging pieces like fanciful birds, colorful planes or bright old-fashioned hot air balloons right from the ceiling using fishing wire. There is nothing like letting your imagination take you far away before you drift off to sleep.

  4. Surprise!

    Using any of the ideas above will give you an element of surprise and whimsy. However, if you're clever, you can include a hidden surprise too. Use the back of the closet, or a corner space to eek out privacy and solitude. Paint it in a subdued color that contrasts with the rest of the room. Include a good light source and quiet activities like puzzles, books, traditional wooden toys, and appropriate storage to keep it tidy.

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