Garden Spaces

So in my last post about garden designs for kids. I talked about the plans for the children's garden.

Here's what we've done so far...

- We were pretty eager about getting started, so everyone joined in and planted seeds indoors for the outside garden
- We've got squash growing pretty rapidly, along with lots of tomato plants and a few peppers. My son is quite proud.
- We've also taken a few photos and we're pretty excited that it will be in the 80's nearly every day this week. Lots of sun, lots o' flowers hopefully.

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Here's the gems I have on working with children:

- Give them a say so about what goes in the garden;
- Limit the time outside so it's not overwhelming;
- Get good sunscreen!
- Let go of all the rules for what's right and let them explore. Mistakes are ok, even if it means they've stepped on a few plants along the way;
- Every garden trip is a learning experience in some small way;
- Watering the garden is a good task for children, especially 5-year olds that have boundaries (mom has control of the water source!);
- While you're being patient and watching the garden grow, be creative in other areas of your home;
- Love being around your family.

Creatively yours,


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