New Urbanism vs. McMansions - Are we at odds here?

Let's talk about the upcoming trend to stop building larger homes in favor of New Urbanism. New Urbanism promotes building complete communities that contain housing, offices, boutiques and shops, entertainment outlets, education centers, playgrounds, and other facilities that are essential to residents. Some of these new neighborhoods are built on the footprint of older historic urban centers. These neighborhoods are smart, well designed and encourage neighborly interaction. I love the idea that we are looking back to the past for great ideas and using them with a modern twist. The modern twist in this case is when new urbanist plans are combined with "green living" ideas. Green Living is essentially housing that promotes wellness, better use of land resources, sustainable building resources, and overall energy savings.

New Urbanism and Green Building seems like a direct contrast to the recent "McMansions" building frenzy (homes over 4000 square feet). But I think a viable, livable community can use a dose of all of these ideas. They are not mutually exclusive.

The key, in my opinion, is to consider options that maximize what you have to work with. Living in a large home doesn't automatically mean that you are somehow against the environment or that you detest the idea of green living, wellness or new urbanism, as some would suggest.

Your quality of life increases exponentially when you refuse to limit your potential in how you build, furnish, and design your home. Of course making these types of changes requires your thoughtful presence. It requires that you look beyond mass retailers into new ideas and new providers. This can be scary, and a little unusual to navigate. But you can do it. Consider it a learning experience.

My goal is to infuse your living space with your personality and consider all the new options available to you as you create your "artistic lifestyle."

Consider all your possibilities!

Creatively yours,



Dean & DeLuca

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