High Priced Art

So today, I'm randomly surfing the net, and happen upon a very trendy type of online art gallery. Of course I can't resist clicking through to some of the featured pieces. I spot an abstract that appeals to me. The price... 3200. Now I won't mention the name of the artist or the site, unless you want to ask me privately. I won't because I'm strictly talking about price, and how it relates to your motivation to create art.

The price for this gouache piece is high for most budgets, and frankly - it's not that complicated that you wouldn't be able to produce a wonderful piece yourself, using the same or related media/technique.

I want to stomp my feet and yell loudly that you can do this yourself!!! Ok, again, not to take anything away from the millions of artists out there. I'm proud of you too. I just want others to experiment with art. Remove the fear and confidently claim the title of artist.

I don't particularly care if you start with fingerpainting as a technique. What you produce is not as important as the act of being creative. Then - when you think you're done, honor your piece of artwork by having it framed professionally, and then hang it on the wall.

I've got some upcoming workshops planned for those who want me to take them through the rough spots. Email me for details (or leave feedback below with your email address) - you don't have to be local to my studio... I've got detailed written instructions, more book recommendations, and material lists too.

Go ahead...

Be creative,



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