Trouble choosing color?

I have friends that are so afraid to choose wall colors that they will live with white walls forever. And really, I'm all for taking your time and choosing carefully. But there comes a time when you really need to stand up straight, take a deep breath, and choose a color or two.

Here are some ways to take the fear out of selecting your wall colors:

- Forget pictures

Look for inspiration in real life. Go outside to choose colors from nature. Prefer the color red? Look in your kitchen or at the grocery store. Search for tomatoes, beets, cherries, spices, pomegranates. You name it - just BE CREATIVE! The more samples you collect, the more confidence you gain. The process - well, it's fun - I promise. And the benefit in choosing colors this way is that you won't be at all intimidated by a piece of fruit. Though you might be by some very posh designs depicted in the pages of a magazine.

- Forget perfection

What may happen during this process of selection, is that you purchase a can of paint, put it up on the wall and find out that you hate it. Aside from the cost of the paint and your time, you can always start over. But please live with it for a few days though before you repaint and decide what you don't like about the color, as well as what you do like about it. This will help you tremendously when you decide to fix things. If you don't want to make a commitment of time or money, choose a company that offers small paint samples and paint one or many samples in a large area on your wall, and then decide.

- Forget the rules

Trim does not have to match from room to room. Wall color doesn't either. Please experiment, and make it your own.

Creatively yours,


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