Quality Architecture

Last post, I referred to the New Urbanist trend. Where developers are creating neighborhoods centered on community. I had a chance to visit a new model home recently and took some notes on quality touches. I say, when it makes sense for you to build small, do so - but be thoughtful and build well.

There are some builders that give you space, but no detail. Less expensive materials are economical in the short-term, but as replacement or upgrade becomes necessary, watch out for your budget.

When calculating cost based on square footage, our primary focus is on the size of the home, not necessarily on what's in the home when you're done. So in some cases, I advise you to scale back on the size of the home and add better materials, for example, tile or hardwood instead of laminate floors. This way you can really focus on artistic touches after you move in.

In the end, even if you don't splurge on quality materials for your new home, you can add touches that fit your lifestyle.

Be creative!


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