Creating Artistic Style in Your New Office

I moved out. Yes, a few years back I made the leap and moved out of my home office. I needed to lease space for my art gallery and education center. But now, I’m back! And frankly, I don’t relish the idea that one day I may have to move from the cozy confines of my home office and art studio, back out into a leased office space again. But having done it before, if you’re planning to move out of your home office, I still know a few ways to artistically enhance your workspace on a budget.

• Some high tech companies can benefit from the loft look. Think exposed brick, high ceilings, rough-hewn wood or concrete floors and minimal furniture investment! Not only does it give your company a cool image, warehouse space in an up-and-coming area may still be found at a good rate; especially when you do some of the prep work yourself.

• Hang art in your office and lobby. And get in good with local artists in your community. If you offer to hold an after-hours art exhibit featuring emerging artists, it not only puts free art on your walls, it also gives you another way to promote your business!

• Even when you can afford to purchase a nice private art collection for your company, it’s also important to encourage your employees to create a sense of individuality with personal art that appeals to them. Because selecting art can be a bit tricky in cubicle spaces, guidelines or policies created for the company help people keep their art selections appropriate for the workspace.

• In open waiting rooms or wider hallways, you might select a small water fountain to help keep competing noises down.

• For an impressive focal point in a lobby, a small sculpture can bring instant interest. Your choices will range from classic Greek revival sculpture to modern art. I personally love the look of tall metal sculpture in a lobby or just outside the front door of an office building. Working with a designer often allows you access to a wider selection of choices appropriate to your type of business.

• Finally, you can commission murals, or faux finishes to add creative and artistic touches to your workspaces. Remember there is no need to over do it at work, but do consider the feeling you want to express. If you are in a hectic work environment choose art that makes you feel instantly calm in the midst of chaos.

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