Style Points: Living Artistically Outdoors

I didn't realize how much I was longing for this beautiful Spring weather. I have spent nearly every weekend outside thinking about ways to encourage artful living in the garden.

When it's raining and I'm kept inside, I pour through magazines and online resources for products. During my shopping trips I've noticed that big-box retailers have started to offer more products designed for outdoor living. Whether it's kitchens, (complete with dishwashers and ice makers) or huge stainless steel grills - there are a lot of products to choose from. However, when I'm outside, I just want to relax and get away. Beyond a grill, I don't want to move my kitchen outdoors. I'm really just particularly fond of the natural settings, with a few special artistic touches to draw the eye further into the garden.

I have seen a couple of ideas for creating paintings using exterior latex paints that will withstand the elements, but I'm really talking about the kind of art that is displayed between the green leaves of my garden. This weekend, if the kids are planning mother's day gifts... What I'd really like are painted rocks for the garden! (Hopefully something with a scary face to keep the deer from eating my Hostas!!)

If I don't get what I'm hoping for Mother's day, I'll be shopping online next weekend. I discovered a nice selection of garden art. Here's a link for you to visit Garden Art & Accessories online. They have uniquely hand sculpted wall hangings, lanterns & garden lighting, stepping stones, masks/faces, bird feeders/baths & houses, whirlygigs, planters & hanging baskets, garden stakes, compasses, garden sculptures and many other accessories for home/ garden/ patio.

Enjoy being creative outdoors!


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