Telling Our Own Stories, Creatively!

My mom was the sort of person that really had fun with life. Among many other things, I learned to paint and draw from her, and I have always marveled at her gift for playing the piano - something I've never come close to mastering. I miss her creative spark. She never had a chance to meet my youngest two children and she missed out on a lot of special (and not so special) times in our lives. But I don't doubt that she would have thoroughly enjoyed most of the time over the last 9 years with her family. And I sometimes wonder what creative talent she would have encouraged my children to pursue. Although I work from my memories now, one way to keep her spirit going is through our family traditions - an oral history. I truly value these traditions passed on to me from my mother's and grandmother's generations.

So I shouldn't be amazed when everything comes full circle right? While I was busy working on my new suite of workshops, I really touched on this idea of a creative living history journal. In addition to inspiring people to live creatively, the workshop will help people capture those thoughts and feelings that aren't conveyed by scrapbooks and photo albums. This is an opportunity to make the time and pass on your ethics, values, your take on the meaning of life to your family - and do it creatively. If you don't write your story, who will?

Here's an excerpt about my new workshop from my website:

Creative Birthrights(tm) is designed to encourage families to slow down and participate in authentic dialogue and powerful creativity about your family history. It is attended by mothers and daughters; fathers and sons; sisters and brothers - any combination will do. In fact, it really doesn't matter if people are connected by lineage or lifelong friendships. I find that whatever the bond, you simply need to have a strong desire to share your life history through creative story-telling and artful activity. This is a transformative workshop. You will not leave unchanged. This fantastic workshop will lead you though several creative exercises where you will produce an heirloom-quality pictorial of your personal & family history which you will want to share with the people you love. You will leave the workshop with a journal full of funny, and poignant illustrations and witty text. But more importantly you will also be inspired to reconnect with the people you love and share ideas for an even richer family legacy.

So today, I encourage you to live creatively and share your knowledge so that when an old person dies, a library won't have to burn down completely.

Be Inspired & Be Well,



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