When I come home, I want to stay home. Almost everything I enjoy doing, I can do from home. I've learned the art of nesting pretty well. In fact, when I do go out, it's usually only to a special event - something I can't, or don't wish to duplicate at home. You might think this is some special trend, but I don't think so. People, but women in particular, have long been responsible for feathering their nests to make homes comfortable and functional. So this is nothing new. However what has changed over the last several years are the products and services designed to encourage these activities. You can just about find anything your little heart (and nest) desires. Think about all the little extras that are becoming more commonplace...

- Private Screening Rooms
- Breakfast bars in the master bedroom
- Posh bathrooms fit for a queen and her king
- Craft, sewing, and art rooms or studios
- Sharp outdoor spaces that include glam porches, tropical patio retreats, snazzy deck spaces & artsy gardens
- theme rooms of all sorts
- gourmet indoor and outdoor kitchens, makes even the novice cook look pretty impressive

This short list shows the trend towards investing in making a house a home. And investing in the idea of having a self-indulgent lifestyle. Not self-indulgent in a bad way - but in a way that shows that your needs and wishes, though they may change, can be fulfilled - at any budget.

Be inspired!



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