Style Points: Great Rooms at any Cost

We can all be wowed by a big home with a big price tag, and a lot of expensive furniture and accessories. It's fairly easy to write a check and buy what you want when cost is not a concern. But is it just as easy to find style on a budget? I think so. When working on a budget, check out a few places I always haunt when I'm looking for a bargain...

- Discount fabric stores - I have two near me that sell fabric for 8 bucks a yard or less. I can find fabric in wider sizes, perfect for draperies and upholstery projects. Silk fabrics are usually slightly more expensive, but then I rarely buy a lot of silk fabric for windows as it tends to fade without a liner. I do buy silk for pillows and other areas where I want a small punch of opulence.

- Discount shopping - Ok, this area is a bit tricky, because as with outlet shopping, sometimes a bargain is not really a bargain. (Outlet stores sometimes carry a cheaper line than what is carried at the retail stores at the mall). My favorites are Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, Target, and Home Goods. I recently found beautiful ready to hang drapes for under $10 a panel that look like they would cost at least $80 - $100. You may have to be a diligent shopper, but you can definitely find beautiful pieces for your home. I strongly recommend checking Home Goods for inexpensive but beautiful glassware, dinnerware, and pillows.

- Furniture finds - In a previous post I talked about unfinished furniture projects. I still love this option for people watching the bottom line. Not only does this approach allow you to punch up the piece with your own artistic flair (something I strongly encourage), but you are able to match the color of the piece to anything in the room.

- Design Lines - All designers have access to various trade-only lines. A fair amount of trade accounts are for high-end products, but an equal amount are affordable for most people. Especially when you compare what the designer is able to offer to retail prices. Even when furniture is on sale, a designer may be able to save you more money.

While price is certainly a consideration, make sure you don't sacrifice quality by seeking only the cheapest or trendiest products. An interesting room is often built around quality furniture and a great mix of trendy accessories, antiques, cherished heirlooms, meaningful art and keepsakes.

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