Style Points: On Hanging Art...

Today I recalled a time, just before I opened my art gallery, when a woman told me and my business partner that art must be hung on stark white walls; large walls in fact. Nothing else would do. I've always been one to embrace change, so I balked at her suggestion and never looked back. Until today... As I was looking through several paint company swatch selections it occurred to me that people might really assume this is correct. But I can assure you that art can be hung on just about any color wall and look fabulous.

In fact, I believe that many galleries go for white walls because we are constantly having to patch holes and repaint once the show comes down off the walls. It makes things much easier not to have a color up there. However, I can tell you that in my house I have many wall colors, including a gorgeous red accent wall where I have a very colorful piece of art. The color of the wall accents it perfectly.

Now you can find a ton of different opinions about how to hang art, where you'll have to measure and map and plan to the nth degree. But I'm not a big fan of the complex. I choose to go the simple route and measure with things I have readily available, like my hand or fingers! Then I look at each piece, hammer, hang and I'm ready to go.

Be brave, hang art!




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