Insider Secrets

I'm not sure why exactly. But I see big cities differently than most. Especially New York.

Living in the South as a damn Yankee (Yes, I have been called that; as if you have a choice on where you're born?? :-) - I am constantly reminded of how negative Northern cities are. There are the issues with overcrowding; long commutes; less space to move about; violent crime and the list goes on. I can't disagree that there are ills that plague all areas. Including the South. *gasp*.

But what visitors don't often see are the times when the city is at its most peaceful. A New York City with no cars driving down the streets. Right around 4:30 am with a hint of sun rising in the distance. You are the only person outside and feel alone in a city with millions of people. Coming across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan there are no horns, no blaring music, just a peacefulness about the city that makes you think people here are warm, safe, and protected by the other people in their community.

And how about further South to D.C.? Where a stroll through Georgetown leads you down a shady side street, where you catch a glimpse of a lush garden oasis in the midst of a busy metro area. The cozy lounge chairs are just calling you off your path for a cool Mojito. Divine.

I believe that we should all strive to create minature versions of these ideals. Well known places indeed. But still with hidden and sublime secrets. Secret knowledge that will keep you smiling on the inside when people say discouraging words about a place you happen to really love.

Inside, our homes can be places that nurture and surprise us. Places that allow us to breathe, relax and create. Whether in a big city or a small country town far away from Macy's Herald Square. Carve out a place for yourself and make it your own. And by all means, remember that you're allowed to keep what you really hold dear - a secret!

Be inspired...


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