Style Points: Passionate Design

Your bedroom is considered a private space in your home. An area that typically isn't exposed to most of your guests. Even though it is a private space, it still has many functions including:

  • Rest
  • Reading
  • Relaxing
  • Watching TV
  • Play areas for kids and adults alike
  • Eating
  • Exercise
  • Work
  • Convalenscence
  • Romance

Romance? What? Isn't it funny that when discussing bedroom design functionality we will often skirt over the idea of the bedroom as an area for romance? Not only in design, but in product offerings - companies consistently skirt around this issue. When was the last time you watched a design program and saw someone designing their bedrooms for romance? Can you pick up a set of sheets or comforter and actually see the description come anywhere close to talk about sex? Designers obviously realize that bedrooms are private areas, used for private things. The history of American designs points to our somewhat passionless Puritan sensibilities. Of course our society has changed in some areas - and yes, we have sometimes gone a bit too far... But this doesn't change the reality one bit.

So, when you're working with a designer, or designing your bedroom on your own, consider all the functions. Here are some tips for making your bedroom into the boudoir you never thought you wanted:

  • If you are building - be sure to use solid doors and extra insulation in bedroom walls for sound masking. This holds true for all types of plans, but especially where the master bedroom is on the first floor near public areas;
  • Consider both softer wall colors that promote relaxation, healing and sensuality; and romantic tones like red and pink. Clients are requesting blues with a hint of grey because it is so soothing - but you'd be surprised at how many men are amenable to the idea of using pink on walls and in accessories, especially since this often signals that you're thinking about romance (it's an easy sell :-);
  • The bed is the focal point of a bedroom. Spend your money here on high quality pillows, and linens. When choosing sheets, buy the highest quality you can afford and make your bed luxuriously inviting, choose down or down-like comforters and duvets for easy laundering;
  • Add a round ottoman. Functionally, this piece of furniture is great for resting your clothes for the next day or having a place to sit to put on your shoes or socks. But romantically speaking, it is also a great place to add a breakfast or dinner tray. You and yours can sit on the floor for a quiet and romantic dinner or Sunday brunch.
  • When choosing your accessories, be sure to add candles, room darkening draperies, extra pillows for bed and floor and storage for the inevitable bedroom clutter (and to hide your *ahem*... toys);
  • Choose art that would be considered more racy, edgy or private for this area of the house;
  • Include a few fun games, and other conversation/activity starters. This can be anything from an adult game to journals that hold special thoughts or small notebooks that allow you to leave a romantic thought on a pillow.

Whatever you decide to include, I hope these suggestions inspire you to think about romance in your overall design.



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