Style Points: Year Round Decor

While I love the Summer, I do look forward to the cooler months. When thoughts of summer entertaining, cool drinks, and pleasant conversation give way to baking, crafting, and for me, decorating. I can curl up with my design catalogs and imagine a new way of styling all of my rooms.

If I had to guess, I'd say about 1/3 of everyone I know has at least two "looks" for their home. By look, I mean a style that changes at certain times of the year - usually one for the warmer months, and one for the cooler months. These changes may be subtle enough; like hanging a Fall wreath at the front door. Or it may mean a complete overhaul by changing all the draperies in your public and private spaces, and adding pillows, slipcovers and tablecloths in darker shades.

But what if you don't want to change the look of your home? Well here are some suggestions.

  • Choose timeless patterns. Ask yourself if you'd want to see this in your home for the next several years, and if you think it will be out of style. If you're unsure, get a second opinion;
  • Buy the best fabrics - Not all fabrics are constructed with the same level of quality. Some fabrics will drape, launder and feel better than others. If you're making an investment to live with this year round (and year after year), choose better quality - you won't regret it;
  • Use a sophisticated palette of colors - combine darker shades and lighter ones together. Stay away from colors associated with the holidays. They may seem out of place in the summer; and unless you live in a tropical or beach setting, avoid using all light colors without any texture to add balance and visual interest.
  • Layer. An obvious example I can give you is for layering the windows - if for example you choose a grass shade or blind, a sheer, and a heavier curtain you've just given yourself a lot more options for changing the look in the future. If there ever comes a time when you tire of the look you've chosen you'll be happy you purchased products to layer over another.
  • Expect to spend a little on the trend. To keep your look fresh, think about using inexpensive fabrics for pillows or using trendy trims. When you tire of them you can recover or use them in a recreation room.

I've chosen two looks I love. Both of these are from Smith & Noble. An excellent resource for windows & fabrics.

First is the Classique selection. A neutral palette like this is great for year round. These fabrics have a great balance of both darker and lighter tones, it will appeal to both men and women. Plus, the patterns are timeless.

The second look is Canali. This is decidedly less serious because it's got brown detailing instead of black, and slightly more whimsical patterns; but wonderful nonetheless. Although the Filiale fabric in this line leans more towards the trendy side, it is not as trendy as the Deco Daisy in the Loft Living line.

Grab your design books now and enjoy the rest of your summer days!



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