Style Points: Our Homes Begin as Simple Ideas

I believe the often-made distinction between house and home is essential. Why? Because a house is simply a shell for us to act out our lives. But a home is the manifestation of our ongoing thoughts and choices, plans and ideas.

We may have passing ideas related to our homes that may include safety, security, family, togetherness, legacy, aesthetics, spaces, breathing room, ideas, creativity. But our homes are simply the reflection of who we are and why we're here - a product of our imagination, wishes, dreams, and experiences. Yes, your home says all that about you. And that can be mind boggling if you've never taken time to think about it. Consider for a moment what a chaotic space says about how you're thinking or feeling. Contrast that with a space where you feel relaxed, comfortable and secure.

Our homes allow us the space in the world to nurture, begin, refresh, renew, replenish, energize, spark, relax, resist, and rethink. Home is where we can reflect, replace, retry, refrain, regroup and re-approach. What better place to connect to the ideas resident within our souls?

For our children especially, home is a learning environment. It's where we are able to teach what, who, when, where, why and how. We learn planning & timing; menus and recipes; mending & crafting; joys and triumphs; patterns and behaviors (both good and bad).

When I was 21, I was ready to take on my life outside the home, only to discover the importance of coming back home. At a certain age I recognized that it's not about the parties and hanging out at the restaurants until 3 am. It's about your own bed, and comfortable pillows; the scent of your linens and the sheer pleasure of your collective accomplishments. I can simply look around to see the things I've done that I'm proud of.

When we realize that our home is the manifestation of all of our thoughts - we need to make sure we actively choose the right ones.

Welcome home.


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