Our Place in the World

Today wraps up yet another tumultuous day in our collective history; and for obvious reasons; I feel disingenuous in writing about the comforts of home. When for so many in the way of peril - the ideas of home, style, and comfort are entirely irrelevant.

Today my thoughts dwell on:

  • The reporters who are embedded alongside the military; stuffed into cramped vehicles, covering stories in the middle of the night from putrid hotels having long ago dispensed with anything remotely called an "amenity".
  • The travelers. Inconvenienced, stranded, uncomfortable, harried... Traveling throughout the world and calling the cold tile floors in random airports - "bed".
  • The places. Where people once gathered. Places called home which no longer exist in these war-ravaged areas. Places where hopes are lost and despair has set in.
  • Being thankful. For a home; health; peace; silence; safety; room to breathe and stretch; and for time to reflect and say prayers for those who are not as fortunate.

Be well,


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