Style Points: Forts and other Play Spaces

When I was much younger, I spent most of my time outdoors running and racing. I was a real tomboy. My friends and I stayed out at night until the dinner bell rang throughout the neighborhood. We played really juvenile neighborhood games, built tree forts, and sometimes played a random game of tetherball. I can remember spending the most time on the fort. In fact, the fort building lasted for multiple years, until a group of boys decided to claim our home base. (imagine that!) For many hours during those years we would drag wood and other scraps over to our tree to build another stage of our project. It wasn't the Taj Mahal, but we were fiercely proud of our outdoor getaway. Unknowingly, we were fulfilling what I believe is a basic human desire, to be creative. And we were. We created a magical place for us to play and dream, all out of building scraps and other found objects.

My wish is that every child (and adult) take the time to build a play space from their own imagination. Preferably outside in the fresh air and wide open spaces where they can play scavenger, pirate, hunter and protector of the fort; for years on end.

Our fort was of course, the girls-only variety. Our hideaway. We would venture out, tease the boys, run back, climb up the 40 foot tree, pull up the rope and laugh ourselves silly. Hmm. I could use a bit more of this type of adventure in my life today.

Anyway - take some time, tap your imagination, build your own fort and protect it from intruders.

Be Creative,


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