Documenting my (somewhat) Relaxing Vacation...

So I have the week "off" between Christmas and New Years. And after running back and forth to the mall and other stores shopping and returning ill-chosen gifts, I spent the day on the sofa today in my PJs. And it was bliss :-) Realizing that it is extremely rare to have the time to relax and recharge I should completely take advantage. Still, staying in your PJs until almost 5pm feels a bit guilty.

And what of all the painting I planned to do? I baked cookies yesterday instead. Only a slightly creative endeavor in my book because it doesn't involve colorful mess - just some flour. I did experiment a bit by adding more brown sugar and vanilla to the standard toll house cookie recipe and it came out MUCH better than the last time. (2tsp of vanilla instead of 1 and about 1 full cup of brown sugar instead of 3/4 cup).

I took some time to recall all the things I used to do when I was younger - which brought a smile to my face. I also took out my sketchbook and tracing paper for about an hour. But put it aside when Ethan brought me my camera and asked for a photo op. (The one you see above...)

If you are lucky enough to have some time off this week - please enjoy. Oh... and don't feel too guilty if you don't get to everything you planned to do on your list.

Peace, Love, & Joy,



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