Santa's Little Helper

According to my schedule, it's just about that time to get started on wrapping my gifts.

Years ago when my Nana would open her gifts, she would take her time so as not to rip the wrapping paper. She always told us that the paper was so beautiful. She would unwrap her gift carefully and fold the paper to use for wrapping other gifts. She saved the paper and every card she was ever given. Now maybe this was partly due to her living through the depression era, I don't know, but it did make me value the importance of a beautifully wrapped gift.

In fact, when my budget was really small, the best part of my gifts was often the handmade wrapping paper or creative packaging materials.

Here are a few gift wrapping ideas:

  • Grab some heavy paper or wood boxes from the craft store and cover the box with your chosen medium. I have done everything from regal paint colors to detailed animal prints. I think I'm going to try collage next :-). Once the box is dry, tape or otherwise affix the top of the box underneath and add some filler inside the box. I like to use the cut and crinkled paper from the craft store. Then just add your gifts. You may have to tape them into the box to keep them steady. Surround the entire gift with cellophane paper and tie with a beautiful ribbon.
  • If time is a premium, use a gorgeous hat or photo storage box. But be sure to include a pretty ribbon.
  • Tag it. Given the vast amount of stamping, scrapbooking, and altered art making materials out there, you can really add some pizazz to your gift tags. Tell a story about the treasure that is enclosed. Add the recipient's name in script, bold or artistic letters. Attach a recipe or hand-drawn image. Since these are easy to create in advance, keep a couple on your inspiration board throughout the year.
  • Though I prefer to make my own tags, there are times when I can't manage another task. If you can relate, here are a few sources for ready-made but very artistic gift tags:

Lucky Crow


Paper Source

Kristin Sanchez Designs

Happy Holidays!



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