Manifesting Change Collage Projects

Art Projects Can CHANGE your LiFe

CoLlaGe is the way I capture ideas. Ideas that remind me of my goals and dreams. It is also the way I capture memories of people I love and care for.

Collage also helps me bring my dreams to reality. Just in the same way dream journaling and goal setting bring about the changes you want to see in your life - certain collage projects do the same, but are infinitely more fun than making my usual lists.

Most of these photos are from my house manifestation collage project. Since I have been searching for a new home and thinking about future property investment goals; I set out to create art that would remind me to stay focused on finding a new home.
So the key to this type of collage project is to keep your thoughts and choices focused on your goals. That way when the project is done it becomes an ongoing reminder of your intentions. My thoughts focused on my love of interesting architecture, brownstone buildings, and city skylines; then it evolved from there.

I prefer to work on canvas instead of paper. I use acrylic paint, new and printed paper, prismacolor metallic pens, gel medium, and a little bit of time. Most of my projects are finished within two days. Occasionally, I will ask one of my kids to help - or vice versa.

So - the result of this particular project?? In under one week's time we discovered our new house and the offer was written up. Lest you think this is something magical - I think not. No, I think it's the powerful combination of being in that artful zone AND focusing on your goals and intentions at the same time.

So this year, as you set your Creative New Year's Resolutions, plan a little Manifesting Change Collage project and see where it leads. Hey you never know!

Be well!



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