Style Points: Silk Paint & Home Furnishings

So in a previous post about milk paint, I received quite a response both on and offblog. Who knew it was such a popular topic?!? So this week I though I'd take a quick look at silk painting and it's use as a decorative home furnishing.

One of my planned projects is of a brownstone building on silk. Brownstones have always been one of my favorite architectural images. Painting this particular image on silk will give the building an interesting finish; mostly because of the resist. Once the silk is painted, I'll frame it within a border of richly-colored velvet fabric; not only to compliment other dye colors chosen, but to give it weight as a wall hanging.

To paint on silk you'll need the following basic materials:

Silk painting doesn't require an extensive art background. It's pretty easy because you use the resist to outline your pattern, and use the dye to fill in the lines. Painting on silk is similar in some ways to watercolor painting because the dye tends to spread on the silk in the same way that watercolor spreads on paper. But it doesn't spread beyond the resist (gutta) lines. The color of the dye tends to show up very vividly; making a striking addition to your home decor.

If you want to give it a try, visit this link for more information; I've found that the directions are very comprehensive.

Once you've made a few silk scarves, try creating the following projects to decorate your home:

  • Custom Decorative Pillows

  • Screens to divide rooms

  • Wall hangings -Both large quilt-sized pieces, to smaller framed or unframed silk scarf size

  • Lamp & Chandelier shades

  • Art

  • Custom Drapes (Silk is a delicate fabric and will fade. Drapes should be lined to give weight to the silk)




Susan said...

Love the feel of silk - I didn't think you could put it on the walls though! I've only worn it around my neck :-)

Thanks for the post!

Grace Adams said...

Lise - have you seen this website on silk painting too?

Lise Richards said...

Very good site. Thanks Grace!!